Oh sweet Caroline…

This past weekend I went back to North Carolina for a special time of the year known as homecoming!  Yes, it’s that time again and I was extremely excited to head back to UNC and Chapel Hill for one of my favorite university events.

But this homecoming was a little different. It was my first one as an alumna of UNC and it was one with many surprises.

My CABJ family! Oh how I’ve missed them so — but it’s super weird to attend a Student-Alumni lunch and be an alum! Ekk! lol

Of course, as an undergrad, you enjoy homecoming and all the events from the football game, tailgates, and the crowning of Mr. & Ms. UNC but as an alum homecoming was so different. I found myself attending events but not really getting into the event but talking and catching up with friends both undergrad, grad and alum and it made me realize how much I missed UNC and the people who make it.

UNC Alums – Classes of 2011 and 1969! Gotta love that legacy!

I know it’s only been like six months since I graduated but still, when you go from seeing these people everyday or almost everyday to then being in completely different states, it really changes how you interact with them. I really embraced the 5 and 10 minute conversations I had with people because I really don’t know when I’ll run into them again.

And I think that’s why I (and many of my fellow 2011 grads) made an effort to try to come back to UNC for our first alumni homecoming because we really don’t know where we’ll be in one year and who knows if we’ll be able to come back. So why wonder and just go. And that’s what happened. I was blessed to see literally my entire college crew reunited for homecoming from good friends who lived in Texas to Tennessee to even South Dakota…yes, one of my old roommate came back from South Dakota for the weekend! But it goes to show you that we really did cherish the time we had at UNC and we miss the place.

Just a few of my fellow 2011 graduates!

I was also really impressed with how many people “missed” since I’ve been gone and living in DC. Not to say that people didn’t like me and that they didn’t have a reason to miss me but it was a nice gesture to get a hug and “how have you been? We’ve missed you!” from people I only knew for a year or so.

But of course, when I wasn’t catching up on people’s lives or taking a million photos, I was having a good time. Homecoming has always been fun and we’ll always gone out to a few parties but the Alumni Party was a different story. It was at a great location, everyone looked nice and was chic from head to toe and it was like a big reunion. Granted I really don’t know that many people but it was great to see friends from the classes of ’08, 09′, ’10, ’11 and yes, even the senior class of ’12 made an appearance. But overall, it was just nice to get away from all the hustle and bustle of DC and be back at home….UNC 🙂

Tailgating with my fellow alum!

Until next year, I’ll be thinking of Sweet Caroline and planning my next return to my second home.

Until next time,



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