well…I guess, I’m 23 now


It’s the number Michael Jordan rocked for so long.

It’s the number of pairs of shoes that I should own (but don’t, I have many more)

It’s the an odd number with an even twist.

And, it’s now my age. 23. That’s me.

Oh, 23. I always wondering where I would be and how I would be celebrating my first birthday out of college….and it’s very ironic that I’m here in D.C.

Earlier this summer, I remember telling one of my fellow UNC grads during happy hour that I really hoped I would be in D.C. for my Jordan Year (that’s why we Tar Heels like to call our 23rd birthdays  — shoutout to MJ!) and I think it’s really ironic that I’m really here! I’m doing what I hoped I would do and you know what, there’s a reason for it.

23. It’s an interesting birthday. It’s not a milestone like 16, 18, or 21. It’s not catchy like 13 or 22….it’s one of those in between birthdays. You still celebrate it but it’s how you chose to celebrate that really makes it unique.

Part of me wanted to be home in N.C. since one of my best friends, Latia, has a birthday the day before me and we’ve been friends and celebrating our birthdays TOGETHER for nine years. But part of me wanted to be here in D.C. for my 23rd birthday. I mean, it’s D.C. there’s so much to do here and you never know when opportunity will come knocking on your door so you want to be there to make sure you can answer it…and that’s what I figured I would do too.

But either way, not matter where I am to bring in my birthday, I’m just happy to have another birthday. Too many people don’t get to see their birthday so I’m blessed to say I’m celebrating another birthday with no problems, no health issues, no family issues, just a good life. And I appreciate that.

It’s also one of the first birthdays that I’ve spent away from my really close friends…it’s true that even though college is only four years, it’s very possible to find family in the form of friends. And every year, even my freshman year when I was still meeting people or senior year when I brought in my birthday in an edit suite in the J-School, I’ve always been near friends when the clock struck midnight to usher in my birthday.

So I’m not going to lie, I’m a little sad not to be in a room with good friends or greeted with a birthday balloon and Starbucks from my roommate but I know they all still care. The texts and calls I got around midnight from my close friends made me feel good…even all the Facebook posts and tweet mentions started flowing in which made me smile as well.

But it’s been a good feeling to know that no matter how far or close I become in miles from my friends, I know that they’ll be there with a call or text on my birthday and that’s special. It means a lot to get a call from your roomie who’s in another time zone and it feels great to have birthday wishes coming your way at 12:01am!

Yes, those are the little things that will always make me smile on my birthday. Not gifts, not a celebration, not even a party, just the effort people make to wish you a happy birthday on your special day.

Until next time,


P.S. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthdayyyy to meeee, meee!! Happy birthday to me! And….many more! 🙂


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