Unplug. Retweet. Like. Post. Click. STOP!

With smart phones that run our lives from what time we wake up, to how we navigate our way to work, to our connection to our family, friends and business life, it’s hard to unplug these days.

With social media taking over our every outlet, it’s hard not to communicate without it. Facebook statuses want to be liked, tweets retweeted to the masses and blog posts shared with the world…it’s all digital and it’s how we all communicate.

But how is it so easy to use these tools and let them become so intergrated into our everyday lives but it’s so hard to simply put them down…and I’m not saying turned off, disconnected, logged out, just put down! Just think about it, our lives really depend on technology and it’s hard sometimes to just put it down….leave it alone…and just..be.

I know in the past few weeks, I’ve been more connected and wired than before because I’ve been applying for jobs, tweaking cover letters and scanning job sites for hours at a time so I’ve been connected to everything — my laptop, my phone, social media, you know it! But sometimes when you think you’re taking a break, you realize you’re not.

And I have to ask myself how did we get this way? I know it’s a sign of the times but we really have made it difficult to unplug in such a plugged up world.

So I’m trying to challenge myself to take time each day (excluding sleep) to unplug, just unplug for a little bit. As of right now, cooking and cleaning which isn’t much but it’s a start! And that’s what you have to do…just start! So I challenge all of you to think about how often you’re plugged into technology and unplug….just for a little bit!

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2 thoughts on “Unplug. Retweet. Like. Post. Click. STOP!

  1. I am so glad that you’re taking out time for this if you feel like this is good for your well being. Personally I love twitter (informative, fun, always something new) and blogging (cathartic, a way to encourage/inform others)! However, I do not use Facebook because I find that does not add value to my life and in fact I think it has the potential to diminish some relationships. I don’t want my friends to even THINK that they can keep up with me by going to my facebook page. I think people really think that they can maintain friendships via fb and as someone who love to indulge in deep, meaningful relationship and convos, I think this is a problem. Fb rubs me the wrong way. It’s too intrusive and at the same time makes relationships superficial. My thoughts!

    • Joy, I’m so glad you commented on this b/c it was actually one of your tweets that inspired me b/c you said something about how with blogs and twitter it’s hard to unplug and focus. And then it hit me, these past few weeks I’ve been so plugged up and not really communicating outside technology. But I agree that Facebook has its flaws but also it’s pros, maybe more for me as a journalist but I know that facebook has been a great outlet for news to reach the people who watch it! I mean stories have been developed or further based on information posted or liked on news stations fan pages. But at the same time, when it comes to my friends, I agree that you can’t say that you know someone or how they’re really doing in life based on a few pictures and a statues but it does keep you connected with people you may have fallen out of contact with. But of course everything has its pros and cons…Facebook, twitter, blogs…its just how we use it that makes it. Appreciate your thoughts!

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