One year from today….in 2012

Today marks one year until the 2012 president election.

One year. 365 days to win primaries, gain nominations, create support groups, make signs, t-shirts and buttons, and become president of the United States of America.

One year.

Wow. Is it really that time again? It seems like yesterday that I was a sophomore and I voted in my first presidential election in 2008….it was the day after my birthday when Barack Obama became the first African American to become president.

Election night in 2008.

Election night in 2008.

History in the making and I helped make it. Talk about a good birthday gift, right?

But four years later, a lot has changed.

We as America have changed.

And so have our priorities, our wants, our needs, our hopes and our dreams.

2012 will be the year of change but with whom?

The campaign is already becoming one of the biggest events to follow this year… eight GOP contenders and one returning Democratic…quite an interesting mix. And with only 365 more days to campaign, debate, shake hands, kiss babies (if candidates still do that), make speeches, flash smiles, make promises and sway a county to voting for them…yeah, that’s a political campaign for ya.

But this year, unlike previous years, I have a bigger investment in this presidential campaign. Why? Well, before I was a student…politics were important but secondary. Today, tomorrow and the next day, I am and will be a journalist…working or not working, I’ll still be reporting, I’ll still be informed, I’ll still be telling stories. This campaign is going to change things no matter who gets elected. There are too many things at stake these days….health care, education, the economy, war, nuclear weapons, immigration, jobs…you name it and it’s an issue.

And this is not to say that I wasn’t an educated voter the last time around. It’s just this time, I’m thinking big. I realize my job is not just to educate myself but others about this election because let’s face it….it’s going to be a roller coaster ride…and it already has been.

So this campaign season, follow me as I try to follow them…all eight men and one woman who are trying to become our next president. Between now and November 7, 2012 a lot will happen….some good, some bad, some in between, no matter the way, I’ll try to be informed….as a journalist but also as a citizen. Besides it’s our right to vote but our responsibility to be informed.

Until next time,



***Disclaimer: This post is not an endorsement for any presidential candidate for the 2012 election. My current political affliction is journalist (ie. unbiased). Thank you.


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