November 8, 2011.

It was Election Day.

It was a Tuesday.

A nice day…sunny, high of 70 to be exact (well, in the DMV).

It’s also the day I got my first real job! Can I get an Amen and a couple of Hallelujah’s please?

Yes. You heard me right, my first real job! J-O-B! It’s what I had been waiting for and it really showed me that God works on his own time, not mine. For weeks, I’ve been wondering if I made the right decision to stay in DC. I prayed for the right opportunity to come my way. Then it came. And now, here I am, with a job, and only a few days after interviewing — wow, God works in his own ways!

And after weeks of being gainfully fun-employed, I’ve finally made that step to employment and I’m excited. They say it’s the beginning of the rest of your life but that’s what I need…my life to begin!

Being fun-employed had it’s perks…ie. no set schedule, free time, etc. BUT no income was clearly a major no bueno. And now that will all change and I’m ready!

But wait, you all probably want to know where I’ve found this amazing employment. Well, let me tell you! You’re now looking at (well, reading about) one of the newest desk assistants at NBC News in Washington, DC! Now that’s what I call a title!

Whew, I’m here ya’ll, I’ve made it!

And now with this new found employment, the real work begins. In a matter of weeks, well really 20 days, I need to find a place to live on the metro line, move my entire life from Garner, NC to God knows where in the DMV and then start working! Sounds simple right. Well, almost.

Here’s my checklist:

  • Job – Check
  • Stuff including bed, couch, small furniture, clothes, miscellaneous items for survival – Check
  • Place to live — Uh oh… (Yeah, Houston we have a minor problem, lol)

So are you can see, this employment comes as great news and now the hard work is finding a room or group home with nice, friendly, clean and sane roommates/housemates in 20 days.

Most of us remember how my apartment hunt went the first time and let’s just say, I’m already off to a better start. Thankfully, I’ve already put some thought into this and I’ve gathered more tips and tricks to the trade…it’s all about the shared living lifestyle. I won’t go into much detail now because I promise there will most likely be a blog post in the near future about this process.

But anywho, today was a good day and as of 6:01pm on Tuesday, November 8, 2011, I got my first job! Yes, you can say Amen to that! (Amen!)

Until next time,

KG (now employed!)


2 thoughts on “Employment!

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