Apartment hunt…Part 2

During the last adventures of Kirstin and the Apartment Saga, we left her in a total funk of confusion. (**Insert dramatic music**)

She had explored the far reaches of the district from the depths of Northeast to the pit holes of Southeast and even a quick stop by an oasis in Northwest. But she was left a little defeated and very exhausted.

Now, our apartment explorer is in a better place! She has a backpack filled with preferences, a price range, requirements and deal-breakers. She’s also entered the very helpful yet potentially deceiving world of Craigslist.

After hours of cyber traveling, our young explorer has stumbled upon several potential resting grounds and she’ll travel to four to be exact. This may be a good start for now but of course, she will have to negotiate terms with the locals and see if everyone has similar terms.

But the quest is on and the journey begins for this young explorer to find a home in the land known as the DMV. We’ll check in with our adventurous explorer and see where she goes!

*End Scene*


So as you can see I decided to tell my apartment hunt story part 2 as an epic adventure which it has been because now it’s real —  I need a place and I need one quick lol. But after months of thinking about it and realizing what might work and what wouldn’t so even though I’m drained and exhausted from scanning through Craigslist all day, I feel like I have a better sense as to what I want/need.

The next major part of my home hunt is the visit. I’ll be visiting around four maybe five places within the next few days and there will be a lot of questions to ask, information to take in and just gut feeling reactions to take note of.

Even though price and location are key, I know that I have to feel comfortable in that space and with the people who either own it, live in it, and/or are associated with it because your home is your safe haven, after a long day, stressful day or even a good day, your home is your place. And I really need to keep that in mind (of course, we all my other requirements — mainly price, function and location).

So stay tuned for my continued adventure but I’m praying for a smooth and safe outcome!

Until next time,



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