finding your first place is like finding a wedding dress…

Yes, you read that title correctly — “finding your first place is like finding a wedding dress”

Now, don’t be confused — I’m definitely not married, or in search of a wedding dress, I just watch a lot of wedding shows…one in particular being Say Yes To The Dress. On the show viewers get to see brides-to-be find their perfect dress. They come with groups of all sorts from just mothers and sisters to the whole family even a few fiances. They come with pictures, thoughts, fairy tale dreams for that perfect dress. You see a bride try on dresses that look great, look ok, fit well, or are not quite it. You see her smile, you see her cry and you see her reaction when she finds “the one” — the dress that was truly meant for her.

Well, that’s how I feel when it comes to this apartment hunt.

I’ve done the research and scanned the likes of Craigslist. And with each house/basement/apartment visit I make, I’m coming with a list of questions to ask with things that could potentially make or break the deal and just keep me organized with all the options. And like all those brides that I’ve watched on the show, I know that I need to “try on” as many places as I need to, to find the right one. I know that when I find the right one, I’ll know. It’ll be my moment where someone will ask is “this the one?” and like the brides on TV, I want to be able to look them in the eye, smile and say yes.

Of course, I don’t know how many places I’ll have to visit before I find this “one” or how much advice and opinion I’ll choose to take into consideration, but I know that when I find it, I’ll know. My Dad always says, “You’ll never find the perfect house, unless you have unlimited money and unlimited time.” And it’s the same for apartments especially my first place, I’ll won’t find the perfect apartment but I’ll find what works for me and what “fits.”

Plus I just gotta trust that God will put me in the right place too. He already helped me land a job in DC where I wanted to be this whole year and he helped me do it in less than two weeks — you can’t tell me that’s not a blessing so I know he will do it again.

So today, I tried four places, two were not quite it, one was nice and one could be a possibility. But I still have a few more fittings to go and hopefully, I’ll find the “one” when I’m ready.

Until next time,


While I was stopped at a stoplight today I noticed this view of the Capitol from my side mirror and I thought what a great picture — this is my current view of DC from my rear view mirror but soon DC will be my backyard. Nice, right? 🙂


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