You’ve Got Mail

The three little words that used to greet tons of people back in the day when ruled the web…You’ve got mail. Three little words that meant to so much. You had mail from someone.

Those three little words are also the name of my all time favorite movie in life, You’ve Got Mail with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. It’s a perfect love story with real people and real stories. Unlike some romantic comedies out there where the plot is predictable and the characters are unrealistic, You’ve Got Mail is the story of how two people just fall in love.

But the way they do is just so…ahh…simple and I think that’s why I love this movie. The storyline is brilliantly written with characters and a story that really exist. In the movie, two people meet in an online chat room and they just exchange emails with little insights about their lives from a dog named Brinkley to questioning the big void…but no specifics…they don’t know each others name, occupation or where they live…they only know that they both live in New York City.

Harmless right?

Until they actually meet in real life but not intentionally and it’s not a friendly encounter — the two are enemies in the book district…it’s the big bad Fox Books Superstore vs. the small but quaint, Shop Around the Corner. And the relationship between the two enemies becomes friends and then in the end, the movie brings the two together and they finally “meet” as NY152 and Shopgirl. And it’s just so perfect….nothing too much, it was just simple, innocent, human, genuine.

However, not every movie like this can be a hit. Because I’m such a fan of this movie, everyone thinks I like the movie Sleepless in Seattle, which is another love story with the same actors but I personally can’t get into it. It’s not the same to me. But maybe it’s because I’m biased because I saw You’ve Got Mail before I saw Sleepless in Seattle and for me, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan only make the perfect couple in You’ve Got Mail.

So on this rainy day, I watched my favorite movie, recited most of the words, laughed at the same spots, smiled at the little puns, hummed to the songs and just enjoyed my favorite movie. It’s really a combination of some many little things that make this movie my all time favorite. And even though, it was made in 1998, it still has such a great story that needs to be told and can still be understood in 2011.

But I will stop there and just say, if you are ever on Netflix or channel surfing and happen to see You’ve Got Mail…watch it. See what I’m talking and maybe you’ll enjoy it too.

Until next time,



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