“Ain’t no party like a Shorty party!”

DC is known for their politics, history and culture and last week I got to attend my first concert at the 9:30 Club. And who did I go see might you ask? No, it wasn’t a hip hop star or R&B singer, it was one of the youngest jazz artists to hit the scene….Trombone Shorty!

I discovered him this summer when he came to NPR to perform at one of our famous Tiny Desk Concerts and he joined us on TOTN that afternoon too.

And what I didn’t expect from this jazz performer was all the hip hop/R&B/soul infusion that is so much a part of his music. And this native Louisiana boy makes sure you know he’s from NOLA and you can tell with his music which took to New Orleans last Thursday and it was great.

I really loved the atmosphere and the music was an experience. This was my first jazz concert and at first I wasn’t sure what to expect but let’s just say I was so surprised (but very impressed) with Trombone Shorty’s playing and singing and then the DANCING. I never expected to see dancing at a jazz concert but in the NOLA, they dance and get down with jazz so it was a party on stage and a party in the crowd. That’s when Trombone Shorty started to chant, “Ain’t no party like Shorty party because the Shorty party don’t stop!” and we didn’t stop partying! Well I had to call it quits early because the concert started at 9:30pm and it was still going strong at 11:35pm when I left to go catch the metro — now that’s the sign of a good concert!

Overall, I’m glad I got to attend a 9:30 Club concert and with Trombone Shorty! It was definitely a great end to my birthday celebration (because the ticket to the concert was a birthday gift from one of my friends — very nice, right!

Anywho, I suggest you take a listen to Mr. Shorty and see what you think! My favorite song from his album, For True, is called Unc. Enjoy!

Until next time,


When Trombone Shorty came to NPR, I got to greet him and take a quick photo! He was really nice and a great guest!



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