what would you find in Google?

We all know that Google is probably one of the most used search engines ever…I mean we say phrases like “Just Google it,” and “Let me Google that” all the time. And that’s what we do, we’ll Google just about any and everything…but do you Google yourself? Yes, you!

As a journalist, I make it a point to Google myself regularly because I want to make sure I’m leaving my mark on the web and in a good way. In this business, people want to know that you have a presence online since news is no longer just on your television or radio. And I’m proud to say that information that I either created, produced or edited fill up not the first, second, third, but the fourth and fifth pages on a Google search. Now that’s pretty good considering I’m still just six months out of graduation.

But what I thought was interesting were the variety of things I found on the web…some things I knew I would find and others were…a little bit of a surprise.

On some of the first few pages, I found links for articles or videos I was featured in from my college days. Like this one, which was an episode of Carolina Conversation where I was the interviewee and the interviewer — and I must say, it’s very weird, I like asking questions, more than I do answering them. (Signs of a true journalist, right?)

I’ve also been featured in The Daily Tar Heel which is UNC’s student run newspaper for my work with the Black Ink. And lastly, I found a link to an article in the Carolina Alumni Review where I had no idea someone was jotting down my quotes from a short speech I gave a dinner.

But then as I curiously went through the 9th, 10th and 11th pages of Google I found myself in some interesting places.

First, one was in a listing for a Graduation announcement for college graduates from Garner, NC. Now, this isn’t a big deal but it was sweet. It was really nice to see that a local paper would print the names of 2011 college graduates and the school they went to.

Another place was on a Roller Coaster website. Weird? Not really, because I wrote a blog post for TOTN while I was an intern about a man who was trying to ride every roller coaster in America this past summer and like me, he was probably Googling himself and saw my blog post so he decided to share it with others.

And lastly, I was very surprised to find myself here…at Shaw/Black College TV. And no, that’s not a typo, I’m featured on Black College TV but it’s really not me but a story I did for Carolina Week about the hurricane/tornado damage that hit Shaw University this past spring.

As you can see, the power of Google is stronger than we think it is and you really don’t know where you might end up. So the next time you’re just surfing the web, type your name into the search engine and see what you find — you might be happy, surprised or something else.

Until next time,



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