I’m not homeless!

The phrase “God is good” will not grow old anytime soon and will be used regularly in my vocabulary because God is so good…and he’s been reminding me of that lately!

Why, might you ask?

Well, first I was blessed with another healthy, happy birthday then landed my first job in the city that I wanted to be in and now, I have a place to live in that city — now you can’t tell me God ain’t good.

And ironically the apartment opportunity that worked out was the last apartment I visited last week before I came back home. It was also one of the few places I visited where I felt like I had a chance to talk to the roommate and really get to know her and now, it’s official I’ll be moving to Silver Spring, MD!

It’s really exciting to be moving out for real now but it’s still a little weird because I’m no longer searching for a place to live or hoping something will work out, it has worked out, it is working out. When I least expected things, that’s when things have worked out and that’s how it has to be…just going with the flow and not stressing the situation.

But now the hard work begins — packing my life away into a Uhaul truck and moving out. The first bird is leaving the nest — too bad this birdie has a TON of stuff! I’ve been home only like two days and I just keep staring at all my stuff and shaking my head at the long process I have ahead of me….sorting, reorganizing and alas, giving away or throwing out clothes/items. This will be difficult since I have a hard time parting with things but this move is a new phase in my life so I’m trying to keep that mindset as I attempt to get rid of clothes — so wish me luck, especially if you know me and if you’ve seen my closet. lol

Anywho, it’s a blessing to know that I have a new found motivation to pack this week — a place to live! Ahh, such a blessing that I definitely won’t be taking lightly.

So happy holidays yall and please, pray that I can become a concise packer!

Until next time,



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