True Life: I Used to be a Baby Girl

No, that’s not a typo…I used to be one of them.

For those of you how aren’t familiar with the reality, documentary style show, “True Life” on MTV, it’s a show that looks at various issues with the story told by young people. For example, some of their shows have been True Life: I’m OCD, True Life: I’m a college student, True Life: I have a parent in prison — you name it, MTV has done it.

But why use this premise for a blog post? Well, it’s true and it’s my life…and well, after cleaning out my closet at home, I realized my fashion taste and outfit choices definitely qualified me to be a “baby girl” (girl who wears brightly colored tops, bright patten leather heels,  big earrings…basically my life circa 8th – 11th grades).

And let me tell you, the things you find when cleaning out your closet will make you laugh so hard and that’s what happened. While packing things away and then sorting them into piles for keep and for Goodwill, I stumbled upon my past “baby girl” phase. And it wasn’t the old urban clothes with South Pole or Baby Phat plastered on the front or big hooped earrings in neon colors…it was shoes.

This is what I found when I was digging through my closet:

Plaid AND neon colored heels! Yes, this is just the definition of doing the most lol

Oh yes, let’s not forget the white pumps — definitely a staple during freshman year.

Now, for some of you, you might not get it, you might not get a good chuckle out of this but for some of you, this will be a good, little laugh. I mean, let’s face it, we all know what it feels like to look back at all pictures or find old clothing and think, “What the heck was I thinking when I bought/wore this?” and of course, that question is usually answered with a laugh.

So for my True Life fans, please enjoy, because this is the only look you’ll have of my fashion past — thankfully, this phase is behind me!

Until next time,



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