Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue.

I remember hearing a church sermon about patience and it really hit home. The preacher said something along these lines. If you ask God for more patience, he won’t give you patience. Instead, he’ll put you in situations where your patience is tested and therefore, strengthened.

After hearing this sermon, I totally agreed. It was essentially the what doesn’t kill only makes you stronger concept. But like more lessons we learn in life, we learn them from some of the most unusual situations.

Patience — I like to think that I’m a pretty patient person but sometimes my limit can be tested. Well, I didn’t think that limit would be tested at home.

These past few days have been full of packing, spending time with friends, sorting things but also a few challenges…mainly working with my grandma.

Now, let me just set the record straight, I love my grandmother and I’m so BLESSED to have her here especially in such good physical health, but her short term memory is a little off. Thankfully, it’s nothing major like Alzheimer’s disease, just whatever has happened in the past five minutes.

For instance, even though my grandma has the best intentions of putting away someone’s clean clothes or cleaning up part of the living room, you have to keep an eye on her or your clothes will be in one place but you’ll have to on a search for them which can be frustrating when you’re packing. Or when you’re cooking and prepping for Thanksgiving and the garlic disappears three times. But even though these little instances occur, it reminds me that this is God testing my patience on a personal level.

Of course, I could get annoyed and really frustrated being on a wild goose hunt every five minutes but at the same time, it’s my grandma and she means well. Plus even if something gets misplaces and she forgets where she put something, it’s usually in a logical place. My jacket that was in the dryer made it’s way upstairs and the garlic, well, it wasn’t chopped but it was found in the fridge. So when you think about it, you really can’t get too annoyed with the situation, in fact, sometimes you just get a good laugh out of it.

But the one time, I realized how much I appreciated my grandma’s short term memory loss was this past Tuesday when we were chopping veggies. Over the course of an hour, she told me about the story of her going to college and what that was like during the end of the Great Depression and the beginning of World War II. During this hour, she told me about how she and other women got the chance to attend college because all the men were being drafted for the war, how she would spend hours in the Brooklyn College library since home was too loud and how she worked with a tutor to prove that she could handle the demands of college work. I heard the story about three times within that hour and even though the story was the same and she might have forgotten that she just told it to me, I didn’t mind because it showed me that her long term memory is just fine! She was giving me a piece of history that was more than 60 years old and that made me smile…three times!

Patience. It’s definitely a virtue and something that will be tested but sometimes in the most unusual but most personal ways.

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