No stuff, just memories

Tonight is the day before I move to the DMV, my last day in NC for a while and it’s a little surreal.

We all imagine this moment where we all move out the house and start our lives but when it actually happens, it’s kind of weird. It’s like it just hit me that I’m really growing up, I’m really an adult. For the first time in my life, I’ll be living somewhere new, in an apartment and working a job (not an internship but a real job!) Wow, I’m growing up.

But I think this realization doesn’t really hit you until you pack up all your stuff into a car or moving truck or in my case both — yeah I have a lot of stuff. But the point is, it really doesn’t hit you until you look at your old room.

Currently my room is being occupied by my grandma, but even if she wasn’t in there, the situation would still be the same — my room has no stuff, just memories. I looked around my room a gain today and that’s all I could think: no stuff, just memories. Even though, there are a few items in the room, they’re just there.

It’s at that moment when you look around the room and realize that your room is filled with memories — cap and gowns from high school and college; picture collages with photos from the 90s, 2000s and now; posters that reflect various phases of my music collection; plaques and awards from Dance Company and old soccer jerseys from my younger years as a Stringray to my last years as a Giant…yes, memories that’s what we decide leave in our rooms. It’ll serve as a nice reminder for when we come home that no matter where we go in life or who we become, home is truly where the heart is. And I know my home is just that.

Until next time,



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