Exhausted. Tired. Excited.

Today was the day — the big move to the DMV, well, most specifically the ‘M’ part being Maryland!

But after a long drive there and then two and half hours of moving in all my stuff, I’m officially moved into my new apartment in Silver Spring, MD! Of course, it’ll take me a few weeks to really get settled but I’m here, I’m moved in and this is my new home.

And even though, I’m moved in, I’m super exhausted. Driving for five plus hours and then moving in for a straight two plus hours can really make you tired. I’m just happy that I don’t have to be at NBC until 11am tomorrow! Oh yeah, did I fail to mention that my first day of work is…tomorrow! Yeah, like in about 12 hours, crazy huh? But that’s really life! You move in one day and start your job the next. Obviously the Thanksgiving holiday made it hard to move in earlier than today but you know what, it’s all good. I’m just happy I have a few hours to get used to my new environment and just breathe.

But whether I had a few hours or a few days to prepare, the real world is here and I meet it tomorrow! We’ll see how my first day goes (of course, there will be a blog post recap) and how this new journey in my life begins. But before I take my tired self to bed, I have to dig through all my clothes to find the perfect ‘first day of work’ outfit for tomorrow! So wish me luck — for my first day and for finding a nice outfit.

Until next time,



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