Getting settled…one day at a time

A home is not a home until you make it home and my new place in Silver Spring is starting to become that.

I was a little worried on Sunday night when all I saw were a ton of plastic containers, empty closet space and then bags of stuff sitting in my new room that it would take forever to feel at home. And I knew that I won’t have much time to settle in before work because I started work in 12 hours but to my surprise over the past few days, I have found a way to get semi settled in.

I’ve finally unpacked my business and winter clothes and my shoes which may not mean much to some but for me, that’s a step toward feeling at home and I FINALLY got some real sheets for my bed. (And by this statement, I mean, when I moved in, I thought I packed the right set of sheets for my new bed…well, let’s just say the sheets didn’t fit so I’ve been sleeping with a fitted sheet and blanket…not cool lol).

But now, I’m getting there. I have a sense of home coming into my room. See!

Shoes! All well not really all, but some of my shoes. But this definitely helps make me feel more at home!

One of my two closets — yes, I said two! I would get the room with two closets — God knew I needed that in my life right now lol!

Yes, world, this is true, I have moved up in the world and I have a flat screen TV! Finally in the 21st century!

And of course, I had to bring my holiday and Carolina cheer to Silver Spring! Yay for the holidays!

I still have a long way to go but I’m on a good start and I know that slowly but surely this new place will become more home-y!

Anywho, stay tuned for more apartment updates! I’m planning my trips to Ikea and Value Village!

Until next time,


P.S. I paid rent for the first time day and I thought I’d feel so empowered about having a place and all this independence…nope, I just feel broke lol. But it’s probably because I’m still working on getting my first paycheck. Get back to me in a month! 🙂


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