It’s hard being a grown up…

When I decided I wanted to be a journalist, I knew it would come with some sacrifices — Keeping my political opinions to myself, moving to new, different and possibly far places and losing the simple joys in life that many people take for granted…like weekends and holidays.

Now, I’m definitely not complaining about my life and that’s not what this post is about…it’s not a complaint, more of a realization that what I knew was coming, has indeed come.

I’ve already curtailed my political thoughts to quotes or facts that are unbiased and moving was a new change in my life but DC/MD are great places — I love the city so I’m definitely not unhappy with my location and actually, I really like Silver Spring because I’m close to DC but I still have a little city of my own in MD. And trust me, even though I’d like to have my weekends, it’s not going to kill me to have to work on Saturday and Sunday…I’m just blessed to have a job.

The only thing that gets me are holidays. Now, I know what it’s like to have a family member work during the holidays…my Mom has to do it all the times. It’s Thanksgiving one year, Christmas Eve the next, then later New Years Eve and Day but no matter when she worked we were always together…in North Carolina… as a family.

Well, this year instead of my Mom working on a holiday, it’s me. In journalism, news doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t take a timeout, a break, it keeps going even on the holidays.

So this year, Christmas will be different. I’ll be working which is fine with me because it’s apart of the job, it’s what I signed up for. I just know it will be different celebrating a very special holiday in a new place. But it’s also reminding me that this is what you do. You make changes based on your situation and sure, I’d love to teleport to NC for Christmas Day and then teleport back but that’s not possible. And with each new step I make, I remember this is a part of growing up…and it’s hard. I miss my family and my close friends, I miss the comfort of the South, shoot, I miss Sweet Tea (lol) but this is all me growing up.

So I’m hoping this Christmas will still be a good one even though it won’t be in comfort of our home in Garner but in the heart of Maryland. But no matter where we celebrate the holiday as long as we’re together that’s all that matters right? Yeah, I agree too. It is all that matters.

I am growing up…one day at a time…and grown up Kirstin is thankfully for this new job, new opportunity, new home in Maryland and also for this new chance make new memories…starting with my first Christmas in the DMV. Gosh, I hope it doesn’t snow because that might be too much new-ness for me to handle. (But if it does, snow boots and a NorthFace jacket are already on my Christmas list…along with my family too.)

Until next time,



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