so counting calories ain’t so bad…

Ok. Day 2 of trying to eat healthy and be a better person.

So I didn’t work out this morning. (Major fail, I know) But unfortunately, the calaloo I ate last night for dinner didn’t sit well with me so you can imagine how that turned out so I didn’t sleep too well, felt like ugh when I woke up and I woke up not at 8am (like I had planned) but 9:30am…so yeah, fail to me.

But I did eat another healthy, hearty breakfast of one egg (note the emphasis on ONE egg, just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean you need to have a lot of it. So two plus eggs in the morning actually isn’t good but I digress). Again, ah, one egg with spinach, a little tomato, with my cup of grapes and small chunks of cheese. So even though I didn’t hit the gym, I didn’t drop the ball on my breakfast or my lunch or my dinner!

For lunch, I was really proud of myself because I made a very fulling meal and it looked healthy, tasted healthy but it wasn’t a “oh I know I’m eating something healthy and it tastes horrible” thing. It was, a turkey salad sandwich with ONE slice of cheese on whole wheat bread and some lettuce with a side of celery sticks and ONE tablespoon of whipped cream cheese (but not just any cream cheese but Weight Watchers so I know it’s much healthier than the other brands).

And not to be picky about numbers again but it’s so interesting that before I never realized how many calories one slice of cheese had and honestly you really don’t need to slices on one sandwich. We just think we do because that’s the norm. So long story short for lunch, I’m allowed to have up to 400 calories for lunch and my lunch was probably around 380! (I wish I could be more accurate but since I made the turkey salad, I don’t know the exact calorie count but I did measure my portion — three ounces of chicken protein equals a tennis ball).

Then my dinner was really low calorie but it was off set but a lot of snacks since I’m working the late shift and I can’t really eat my meal of set time. So dinner was an 80 calorie Campbell soup and a few low calorie Pita Chips and that definitely didn’t equal 450 calories which is my allowance for dinner. BUT like I said, I eat a lot of snacks during my work shift because I’m there for eight hours and a girl’s going to get hungry — so I come prepared. During my shift, I’ll snack on one Special K bar (90 calories) and a FiberOne brownie (also only 90 calories) and a piece of fruit (either a banana or apple).

And get this — I’m still keeping with my rules because I’m allowed to have a few snacks as long as they’re under 100 calories and I don’t eat too many but like I said, dinner was a low calorie meal so I could afford a few more snacks. It’s very interesting that I’m starting to see how this whole counting calories thing works and you have to know when you can give and take a few calories. Like today, I knew I could give myself a few more snack calories but on the weekend when I’m not working, I’ll definitely be taking some snack calories away — it’s much easier than I thought.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still very early in the process and clearly it’s just day two. But I know I’m on the right track. The only thing that might get me is….coffee. I drink two cups a day — one in the morning and one at work and it’s better to me than drinking a soda but I know it’s not as healthy as drinking water. But again, good news is, I only drink water during the day apart from my two cups of coffee so that’s a plus!

But I’ll keep you guys updated as my healthy lifestyle process goes on. And I promise, this blog won’t become a food journal, I’m just trying to remind you guys how this is a new change for me too and if it helps you get inspired than great and if not, at least you have some news you can use!

Until next time,



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