time to get right, get tight…attempt #237,502

Yes, this is one of the those posts. It’s a declaration to get healthy and try to change my lifestyle for the two millionth time. And like each time, I say, this will be the last time I try this, I’ve learned my lesson, etc, etc.

Well, hopefully, this will be the last time.

During my quick trip home to NC, I visited a nutritionist and I got a very RUDE awakening. Basically, I stepped on a scale for the first time in almost six months — yeah, that will scare the crap out of you if you’re not ready. So after seeing the number that I had been dreading to see and admit was mine, I knew that things needed to change.

Unlike past attempts where I was still in denial about where I went wrong or what I ate, this time, I knew I had been eating badly, not exercising and living off a mountain of excuses. I knew that I had done and seeing that number on that scale showed me what needed to happen…and quick.

So after getting over this shock and semi embarrassment, I met with the nutritionist and we have a talk. Did I enjoy it? Not really because she was telling me all the things I should eat, the portions I should eat, and the things that well, the things that I would not be eating — all this before Thanksgiving Day so you already know all those rules went out the window for at least two days.

But it was a good conversation because it showed me that counting calories wasn’t that bad after all. It was also nice to have someone break down various meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and tell me how to count calories without going crazy. So long story short, my total food intake for one day shouldn’t exceed 1200 calories and after getting three to four options/suggestions for each meal, it made preparing and cooking healthier meals more attainable.

So of course, last week none of this lifestyle change stuff really happened. I moved in Sunday, started work Monday, had a different schedule starting Tuesday and still have boxes to unpack starting Wednesday and so on. But I did start the process…so I wasn’t a total loss.

But today, yes, today, I said, I’m going to give it a try. I work the late shift this week (2pm – 10:30pm) so I said to myself, “Self, you have to go to the gym every morning before work. There’s no excuse not to because I don’t have anything else to do before work.” So I went to the gym this morning. And it was good. It was nice to get back to the gym and my goal is to get back in shape to join a local soccer team in the spring.

Then came breakfast, what do I make? Well, I decided to make one of the meals that was suggested to me. One egg for protein with some spinach (iron) in a whole wheat round (good carbs) with a few small slices of cheese (calcium) and a cup of grapes (fiber). And you know what, not only did it look good but it tasted good too!

Breakfast – Day 1! What do you think? 

After breakfast, I knew I could do it again for lunch. So for lunch I decided to have my three ounce serving of protein with a salad. My protein of choice: turkey salad (kind of like chicken salad but with turkey — I had to get creative with that last few pieces of turkey I had left). And the turkey salad had celery, grapes, apples, tomatoes and hint of low fat/olive oil based mayo. And this is what is looked like.

Lunch – Day 1.

And then, dinner — the trickiest meal of the day since I would be at work. Like more offices, we have a fridge and microwave to our disposal but it’s what you pack and when you eat it that’s key. So unfortunately, I didn’t cook much this weekend since I just got groceries on Sunday, so I had to go with left overs for dinner tonight and that was calaloo with peas and rice. Not the most unhealthy meal but not the healthiest either. So dinner was a minor loss BUT good news, I was able to eat early (early being 7pm). I knew that eating my dinner at 11pm after I got home from work would be horrible and almost worse than eating an ok dinner.

So there you have it, this was day one of what I hope to be something that I really stick with. I know that it’s one of those attempts that we try and try again but hopefully this time will be the start of something good and proactive.

Until next time,



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