70 years ago…life in America changed

70 years ago, December 7th was just another day. Just another day of winter. Another day for work, school, whatever is you needed to do.

But then a little before 8am island time, December 7, 1941 became a day that would live in infamy. It was the day Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese and the United States officially declared war and joined World War II.

Today, there are very few people left who were there at Pearl Harbor or even just around in general, but thankfully there are a few who are willing to share their story. As a history buff who loves WWII, getting a chance to hear their stories about this day and other events of WWII are like getting a glimpse of the past.

One of those stories was Francis Stueve’s story told by one of my fellow NPR intern alums, Sylvia, featured in the Washington Post. His story is very interesting and his recount of the event is just one of few that we should really cherish because it’s one more piece of history that’s still alive and living.

So if you have a chance to see a special or watch the news today, stop and watch it because the events of Pearl Harbor may be in the past but the impact of the day are clear in present day and will probably impact our future.

And to the remaining veterans and eyewitnesses to Pearl Harbor and other events of World War II, Thank you for being a gateway to history in today’s present.

Until next time,



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