Death to holiday treats!!

With the holiday season upon us, there are many things that we can anticipate…outrageous sales in department stores, even more outrageous commercials for those stores, Christmas tress, wreaths, tons of lights, a million stars, Santas and reindeer lighting up lawns and windows across America and…holiday treats!! We love them and we hate them because they are our source for holiday joy and weight gain.

And once again, never fear, this is not becoming a health blog, but today I was faced with my first holiday health challenge…holiday treats in the workplace.

So today, I started my day with a workout, hearty breakfast, salad lunch and then I went to work with my banana, Special K bar, and dinner — all sounds good, right? Then it happened.

We were all in the newsroom, answering phones, watching the wires and then an announcement was made…”Cookies, cake and treats downstairs!!” NO, not that! I had done so good and then my first challenge — Holiday Treats at Work vs. My Willpower — Round One.

At first, I was able to avoid temptation because the treats were downstairs and I was upstairs — one floor separated us. But then someone in the newsroom said, “Why don’t yall go downstairs and get a few treats.” There it was, my opportunity to accept or deny and well, let’s just say, I accepted…fail I know.

But I didn’t completely lose. There must have been at least a dozen types of cakes, cookies, pies, fudge, you name it, it was there. But I only choose three things and I took very small portions because even though everything looked AMAZING, I knew that sugar high would be horrible and it would mess me up for the rest of my shift. And even then after eating those few small pieces, I could feel my body thinking, “Yep, that was enough!”

So in my defense, I consider the score between my willpower and holiday treats to be a tie. Yes, I did indulge in a few holiday treats BUT I didn’t go overboard which is very easy to do during the holiday season. I also knew my calorie count for the day and I knew that a few treats won’t hurt — plus there are no sweet treats in my apartment. This means all the sweats are staying here and when I get home the only thing I have to much on are Special K bars or fruit.

But if you are like me and trying to stay in control this season when thrown into the boxing ring with holiday treats, then check out this Washington Post piece about holiday weight control. It has some great tips that will help you avoid the treats and stay healthy this holiday season. I know I’m taking note and will be putting some of the tips into practice myself.

Until next time,



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