Round Two: Willpower 1, Holiday food 2

Thursday. Day 4 of eating healthy and counting calories. Third day working out this week at the gym. Counted my calories and I was feeling good, feeling full and feeling healthy.

Then it happened again. Another run in with holiday food. Round Two.

So see what had happened was….today was our holiday party but it wasn’t going to be at the bureau and since I was working the late shift I couldn’t go. And even though I was a little bummed at least, I thought, this isn’t too bad because I just got here so I don’t know anybody here any way.

Then an email appeared in my inbox and it said, for those of you who are working and can’t make it to the Christmas party, we’ll have dinner for you tonight. Now this was a very sweet gesture and I was very happy to accept it but then I wondered what would dinner be? There a lot of local restaurants in the area so it could be anything — it was Maggiano’s Italian food! Now this was a major win in terms of saving money on food and getting a great meal — unfortunately it wasn’t a very healthy meal.

But again, this was a holiday foods challenge. Of course, I’m not eating Maggiano’s everyday and ironically, today was one of my low, low calorie days and I was planning on eating a snack after work so I know it didn’t go too overboard. But despite how many calories I ate, I enjoyed my meal and I watched my portions. And I even tried to be as healthy as possible by getting a good sized salad with eggplant lasagna.

So even though, the holiday food technically won this battle, it was a good challenge because these things will happen where you’ll have a catered meal at work or go out to eat, and yes, I’m counting calories but I’m also human. And if I enjoy one calorie crazy meal every once in a while I’ll be fine.

See, I am learning! So moral of today’s story — enjoy your food especially when it’s a special treat like your favorite restaurant or a special occasion. We don’t eat that way everyday so it’s all good! Plus the gym is always waiting when we want to burn off all those extra calories and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning!

Until next time,



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