Tis the season to party…holiday style!

Before this year, the concept of the annual office holiday party was something that I had seen on TV or heard about. But this year, I finally got to attend one and it was everything I was expecting…and a little bit more!

Now, if you haven’t read my other post, you might be thinking that this post is going to be about NBC’s holiday party but it’s not because I was working when they had theirs. But thankfully, NPR had their party last night and since NPR still has a small place in my heart, I knew it would be the perfect holiday party for me to crash! 🙂

So last night, I finally went to my first holiday party and I got to see some of my old co-workers and it was good to be back! Plus it was nice to see people who knew I was looking for a job/work and tell them that I just started with NBC and that I felt good with where I was at this point in time.

And then the food!! Ahh, it was my first holiday food challenge and I think I did pretty good! It was buffet style so I could chose my portion and they gave us little plates so that helped me get small portions because there was only but so much food you could fit on those things! I might have flubbed on the drink part because I did indulge in a couple of cider beers BUT again it’s the holidays and it’s not like I’m throwing them back every day — so again, another exception that only happens every now and then.

But no matter how many calories I should or shouldn’t have eaten, I really enjoyed my time because it was food, friends and a lot of fun. And there was even a DJ on the top floor (which was the cafeteria) but then became a dance floor! So after some good catch conversations, we all partied the night away!

So holiday party #1 was a big success and I can’t wait to see what other events this holiday season will have for me to experience!

Until next time,


My TOTN family!

My girls! Nunera (left) is my mini-me and the fall 2011 TOTN intern and Priska (center) is the one who showed me the ropes when I was a young intern!

More TOTN co-workers — John and Tinbete!

My loves! ❤


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