Feeling like a proud mama!

Today I found out that my undergraduate NABJ chapter, the Carolina Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) won an NABJ Chapter Grant to help sponsor the annual High School Minority Journalism Workshop.

Even though, I’m a graduate, I’m still very invested in my chapter and love seeing all the work hard their doing and even more, seeing all the success they’ve accomplished.

Enjoying the afternoon with my CABJ babies and other alum during UNC’s homecoming 2011.

And because I’m so proud and feeling like a proud mama, I had to share the news with the world. Plus this was one of the organizations that helped me become the journalist that I am today, so I always support and appreciate everything CABJ does to continue striving for success.

So check them out because I’m so proud!

Until next time,


Below is the blurb from the NABJ news release about all the grant recipients.

“Carolina Association of Black Journalists

The grant will be used to sponsor a high school minority journalism workshop aimed at exposing students to the field of journalism. The daylong workshop would be held on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. Specifically, the grant would fund meals and T-shirts for approximately 15 high school students and a dozen volunteers.”


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