Amazing how technology can become our babies

So like most people, I use a lot of technology and my devices are somewhat like family.

Weird but very true.

My cell phone no matter how old or out of touch with technology it has been, that device has been a major part of my life. And now that I’m an iPhone user, you better believe my phone is a major outlet of my life — it has everything I need and probably too much.

And ever since I started college, having a laptop became that next device to hold a special place in my heart.

But one of the most prized devices is my MacBook Pro. It was the first laptop I ever bought ALL BY MYSELF!! (Like for real, my parents only chipped in a little so this is truly my first big purchase) But despite the price, buying my MacBook Pro made me feel so grown up because it was the first big ticket item that I saved up for months to buy and then I bought it and it changed my life lol!

But why am I having this reflection in life? Well this morning my baby, my MacBook Pro, woke up feeling sick — meaning when I tried to start it this morning, it didn’t work and I didn’t know why.

Thankfully I was able to use my phone to google the nearest Apple store and as I sit here waiting for the “Apple Geniuses” as they call themselves to figure out what’s wrong, I can’t help but feel like I’m on a hospital waiting for my child to feel better. A little dramatic? Maybe but like I said, this is my first major purchase in life and I really care about this machine and I’ve been a good Mac parent so there’s no reason for it to be broken especially when he’s only about a year old! (Yes, my MacBook is a male, just like my car is a female, don’t ask me why but when I got my MacBook I felt like it was a he! Lol)

So needless to say, as I sit in this Apple store, I was reminded of the first day when I bought it and the bound we all have with our electronic devices because let’s face it — if you use something everyday or almost everyday, it becomes an integral part of your life and my MacBook is one of those integral parts of my life!

But good news, after being here for an hour, the “genius” said my baby will be ok. Apparently, I had a permissions issues but it looks like its going to be ok. Whew, close call for me and my child.

Until next time,


P.S. Yes, this post was typed on my iPhone via the Apple store — gotta love all those apps right?


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