3 pounds in 3 weeks! That’s progress

Three weeks of counting calories.

Three weeks of working out about three to four times a week.

Three weeks of battling holiday foods and treats.

And three pounds lost. Not bad.

Now, three pounds may not sound like a lot but it’s baby steps. I’ve lost three pounds in three weeks in December where there are SO many temptations out there. That to me, is progress!

Obviously I want to see more results but baby steps are good steps. And it’s a healthy start. Losing tons of weight at one time isn’t always good — it can actually be worse because losing a lot of weight too quick, means you can gain it back even faster! So if it’s three pounds in three weeks for the first month, that works because it’s healthy.

My goal is to finish to the month strong with another pound or so off before New Years and then new month, new year and 2012 it’s ON! I know I’ll be making even more progress since the holidays will be over and there will be fewer temptations to indulge in treats!

So healthy attempt is going strong! Stay tuned to see how far I progress!

Until next time,



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