It’s amazing what a haircut can do to you!

Today, I finally got a trim for my hair for the first time since this past June because it was just getting to be that time…like my split ends had split ends and they were so bad, they were starting to throw up gang signs — yeah, I trim was desperately needed!

So since I’m in a new city with natural hair, I did what any girl would do in my situation…go to Yelp and hoped for the best when I typed “natural hair salons in Silver Spring” in the search box. But thankfully, my search went well and I found a nice, natural hair salon literally five minutes away from my apartment and I LOVE my stylist!

This was the first time where I had my hair trimmed curly. Usually, the stylist has to wash and then straighten my hair so they can trim it properly but Khadija (the stylist) said she could cut it curly and style it too!

And let me tell you, I have not walked out of a hair salon feeling amazing about my hair in a LONG time. Not to say that I haven’t had good experiences but it was nice to have someone cut and style my hair curly and it was my curly, not be roller curls for a special occasion or straight — it was just my natural look in a new way! And I LOVE it!

Plus I was so happy and excited about this new look that I shared it with the world — I immediately twitted it, facebooked it, texted it to friends! I just felt so good about it and I still do hours later! And this amazing feeling just reminded me that it’s so true that a good haircut can really make you feel like a different person! I came back to my apartment beaming and bouncing around because it was nice to have a new change in my hair that I liked but that I could really maintain because it was my natural look!

So needless to say, I’m a happy camper with my two inches trimmed and my newly layered hair! Hopefully, I can keep this up and if not, I already know I’ll be seeing Khadiha again in six weeks for my next trimming check up!

Until next time,


ANDDD, of course, I couldn’t publish this post without pictures! Check out my new do! Let me know what you thinks peeps!




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