Is Christmas really this week?

I don’t know what it is about this year but I just can’t believe Christmas is this Sunday. It feels like 2011 just flew by and all of a sudden it went from New Years Day to Christmas.

And every year as Christmas approaches, I always reflect on the previous year — I know people usually do it around News Years Eve (and I do too) but for some reason, Christmas is like the beginning of my year reflection. And let’s just say, this year has been incredible.

So many things have happened this year and I really am blessed and this holiday season, I’m reminded what’s really important. It’s not the number of gifts or what you get, it’s not where you are, it’s about how you’re with — so even though this will be my first grown up Christmas, I’m very happy it’ll be with my family! And that’s what makes Christmas, Christmas right? The times you spend with your family and the moments you have together!

Yeah, that’s the kind of holiday I’m looking forward to!

Until next time,


Some Santa Hat holiday cookies that I made last week!



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