The holidays ain’t the holiday without the ones you love

Well it’s that time of the year again…it’s Christmas Eve — only one more night until Christmas!

And the Garriss family has traveled far and wide to visit me and celebrate the Christmas holiday in Maryland! Thankfully, they got to the great state of Maryland safely yesterday afternoon and we enjoyed Christmas lights and dinner in White Plains.

I am working this holiday season hence why the family came to Maryland for the holiday but you know what — the holidays are really about who you’re with and the time that you spent with each other — not where you are.

So even though we’re not in North Carolina, doesn’t mean the holidays won’t be the same. We’re still going to watch The Muppet Christmas Carole tonight which is our running Christmas Eve tradition and on Christmas Day, we’ll still have a fabulous dinner, open gifts and continue one of our newer trends which is going to the movies — they year we’re checking out Sherlock Holmes!

So this year more than any other, this saying “The holidays ain’t the holiday without the ones you love” rings out loud and clear this year.

And as you all travel to see friends and spend time with your families, remember it’s not about the gifts or what you get, it’s about the ones you surround yourself with!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas Eve and Joy to the world (and all that good stuff!)

Until next time,



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