Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

I want to thank you guys for sticking with me this year and this holiday season with all the major and minor moments in my life. It’s been a great release for me to share my life to you and I’m glad you guys keep reading!

And today, on this crisp Christmas morning, I’ve learned that Christmas is a day when people do work and today I was one of them. I knew that as a journalist, I would have to work my fair share of holidays in the future…did I know it was going to be my first one after graduation, heck no, but I’m just blessed that my job is not too far away from home and that my family came to see me. I also have a better appreciation for working on a holiday. Before having to do it myself, you really take for granted how many things are open on this day and how many other people are also working on their holiday. But the good thing is, no matter when we work or where we work, all of us working people today will get a chance to take time with our families to celebrate.

I also appreciate being “home” for the holidays. In journalism (and even other fields), people have to work on the holidays and they’re out of town, out of the state, out of the country even and they only way they see their families are via skype or with a phone call or two, I’m happy that I only have to drive an hour to White Plains to see my family and still have a Garriss family Christmas — just the DMV edition!

And of course, as you celebrate Christmas in your own way, remember the reason for the season! Today a child was born to change the world and change our lives — I won’t get too religious on ya but just remember, gifts are great but this birth is way more important and much more satisfying!

But anyway, be blessed everyone, happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Until next time,



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