Top 11 Moments of 2011!

You already know I had to have a list to commemorate the end of the year and since it was the year 2011, I figured a “top 11” list would be very appropriate!

So here it is, the Top 11 Moments of 2011 in the life of Kirstin G!

11. Creating a website and starting this blog — I’m really impressed and appreciative of all the support and compliments I’ve received about both

10. Celebrating my 23rd birthday (a.k.a. my Jordan year) in Washington, D.C. — This birthday was a major sign of change, progress and optimism for the future.

9. My first alumni homecoming at UNC — It was definitely a weekend of foolishness, fun and fellowship and of course, I spent it with my homies and it was a much needed friend reunion.

8. Visiting Houston, TX for Labor Day weekend to see my roomie, Lisle — I got a chance to jet set to a different city for the weekend to be reunited with my roomie and one of the homies, Stanley, and let’s just say it was a much needed break from D.C. and a great time had by all! Plus it showed me that I’ll still be in contact with my college friends no matter how far or close we get!

7. Reporting for Carolina Week about the Shaw University Storm Damage — Now, this may not seem like a top moment but it was for me because it was one of the few stories I did my senior year that was on a tight deadline and had a major impact on the community. It was also the first time I had “traveled” (basically being in Raleigh versus Chapel Hill) to be on location for a story which reached a large audience and really shed some light on a community issue.

6. Pitching, booking and the producing my first real show with NPR — It wasn’t my first big show with TOTN but it was the first one that I pitched in our morning meeting, then researched, found and booked guests and then produced from beginning to end. That was truly a moment when I felt really accomplished during an internship.

5. Applying for Student Projects, not getting it and then getting it later on and then going through the whole experience — It was a whirlwind trip and I’m so blessed to have experienced what it was like to be a reporter with short deadlines, challenging stories and the support of news team. I completely drained from the experience but also completely changed by it too!

4. Living DC this summer and fall while trying to figure out what to do with my life — definitely a good learning experience.

3. Finding and moving into my first apartment! For someone who lived on campus all four years of college and then used Craigslist for the first time, this was a HUGE accomplishment.

2. Graduation! May 8, 2011 — I graduated with my B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication! I got a degree!! Praise Him!

1. Landing my FIRST job out of college in the city that I hoped and prayed to be in and with the support of my family and friends EVERY step of the way!

So what made your top 11 moments of 2011?

Until next time,



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