Think about your SHIPS in 2012

This morning like any morning when I work the early shift, I grab my cup of coffee to go, scrap off any frost that may be on my car and drive to work. I always have the radio on because it’s always nice to have music to travel to while heading in to work…especially when it’s so early and no one else is really on the roads.

And as I listen to the radio, sometimes the DJ makes small talk and comments on entertainment news but this morning the DJ made a really thought provoking comment that stuck with me this morning.

Before the commercial break, she said, “In 2012, think about your ships — your relationSHIPS, friendSHIPS, partnerSHIPS, and if these ships aren’t going in the right direction then it might be time to abandon SHIP in 2012 and move forward.” Now you tell me, but isn’t that a darn good piece of advice to hear at 5:55 in the morning. I was so inspired by it that I immediately posted it on my Facebook status so others could see this thoughtful thing that I heard.

And now, I’m sharing it with you guys right here on the web!

So after hearing this piece of advice about my “ships,” I know I’m taking that quote with me very seriously in the new year and I think you should to. In 2012, I’m taking a hard look at all my SHIPS and making sure they’re sailing in the right direction and if not, oh well, abandon ship mates!

Until next time,



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