Why hello 2012!

Well 2012 is here, it’s the beginning of a new year, new resolutions, new changes, new adventures.

It’s also time to try new things. Yesterday while I was at work one of my co-workers told me about a new years tradition he has with his friends. He said on new year’s eve they all get a sheet of paper and write down the upcoming year (so 2012 in this case) at the top of the sheet and five goals that you want to accomplish during the upcoming year. Then you put the list somewhere safe where you can find it and then on new year’s eve of that year (so December 31, 2012) you go back and find your list that you made a year ago and see how many things you accomplished.

Now I’ve never heard about this kind of tradition but I liked it. It’s something that I wanted to try and yesterday I made my list of five things and I put it away for safe keeping. And 364 days from now, I’ll see how many goals I can check off my list!

But happy new year everyone, I hope you enjoyed your new year’s eve and day!

Until next time,




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