It’s 2012 and time for Project 365

Every once in a while WordPress will send emails with interesting updates about highly populated blogs or tips to improve your blog, etc. but there’s one post that recently stood out to me.

It was Kicking Off 2012 with Project 365 — blogging at least one thing, every day, for one whole year — doesn’t matter what you blog, the concept is just for you to blog!

And personally, I’m going to attempt to accept this challenge — so far so good so why not try it, right?

But in all honesty, it’s a really good idea because it doesn’t have to be a full on story or report, just whatever catches your eye, your attention, your interest each day. Some bloggers may have a theme, for the most part mine will just be life — I mean there’s bound to be at least one thing (if not more) that sparks my interest each day.

So Project 365 for KG’s blog is underway — I blogged faithfully for 6months last year and in 2012, I’m doing overtime — so get ready!

Until next time (or should I say tomorrow),



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