Well, hello winter…I wasn’t trying to meet you….

Today was truly the first day of winter.

When I went to work this morning is was a crisp 20 something degrees outside but no wind.

While I was at work, there were snow flurries spotted from outside the newsroom and by the White House (we saw this via our camera shots on the TVs).

And when I left work and working the few hundred feet from the station front doors to my car, it was one of the most bone chilling experiences I’ve had in a LONG time — not to mention I was wearing flats with NO socks so you already know I was freezing.

Needless to say, winter is here and I was trying avoid it for as long as I could. I know I live in the “north” now but dang it man, I don’t like the cold! And snow?!  Ya’ll my worst nightmare is Snowmagddeon!! Now hopefully, we won’t be hit with those kinds of extremes but as you can see, I’m just a Southern girl at heart who yes, can deal with the cold (today, I’m just complaining) but snow…yeah, that’s where I’m still worried.

But DC is my home now, so I’m strapping on my snow boots and zipped my coats and investing in a lot of socks, mittens and earmuffs to make it through winter 2012. (Did I also mention have a huge stock of hot cocoa in the kitchen too?)

Anywho, be merry folks, it’s Tuesday, it’s cold but hey, it’s life, we just gotta keep pushing through.

Until next time,



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