Post-Iowa Caucus day…did you survive?

Now, I usually don’t talk politics on my blog but let’s face it, this is a highly anticipated presidential race especially for the Republican party so you should be taking note in some way, shape or form!

And last night was the first of many primaries and caucuses to come — the Iowa Caucus! The race started with 7 potential candidates….and ended with 6 — yep, one candidate decided to drop out of the race after the caucus results.

But what surprised me and probably most of America was how close the race was between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. The two were neck and neck for most of the race and it felt like I was watching an intense NCAA tournament basketball game — one team would score a jump shot and move ahead a percentage, then the other team would hit a 3 pointer and take the lead — that was the Iowa Caucus poll results for most of the night.

And by 11pm, it was about 88% and I was exhausted and couldn’t stay up long enough see who would prevail.  Well, looks like I made the right decision to go to bed because the results weren’t finalized until 2:33am!! Now a days, that’s way past my bedtime so sleep was definitely the right choice.

But the amazing this way…the separation between first and second place was 8 votes — just 8! We have more fingers on your two hands, that’s how close this thing was! And who took that top spot…it was Mitt Romney, with Santorum 8 votes behind and Ron Paul tagging along at 3rd.

From there, started a ripple effect. Michelle Bachmann placed sixth and decided to pull out of the race for the presidential nomination.

So then there were 6 — very interesting how as the race goes on, the fewer the candidates it has.

But the 6 candidates who remain don’t have much time before the next primary, New Hampshire is only 6 days away.

Again, I’m not a total political junkie…BUT with this being a major election, I can’t help but stay tuned and in touch with what’s happening…plus I work in news — politics is a part of our lives!

Until next time,



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