Living the “Sex and the City” kind of life

Lately I’ve been catching reruns of Sex and the City, the story of four single women and best friends living their lives in New York City.

Now, I will say, yes, I’m a fan of the show but not your average fan. I only started getting into Sex and the City after watching the two movies — yes, I saw the movies first and the series second. What can I say, I’m different right?

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But I think that’s probably better because now that I’m catching up on the series, it’s making me realize that I am a modern day Carrie.

For my non Sex and the City fans, Carrie Bradshaw is the main voice of the show and the series is told from her perspective.

And, after watching these reruns, I have noticed that Carrie’s story is a little bit like mine — single gal in a big city that’s not NYC but DC, enjoying life, blogging about it and trying to figure it out! Now, there’s definitely no sex in my city life and I have no problem saying that lol but there’s still everything else that Carrie was going through, that I’m dealing with too.

She’s a columnist for a newspaper which then turns into a book. Well, I’m a newbie in the journalism field who’s trying to be the best I can be at my job right now.

She’s single looking for love and trying to figure out the trials and tribulations of relationships and hey, I’m not searching for it but a few dates would be nice — plus a new city is all about meeting new people in all ways — at work, in your community, in social settings, at networking events — relationships, partnerships, friendships.

She’s a fashion diva! Now, I consider myself to be a fashionista and I love that I have not one BUT two closets for my clothes and yes, I have not one, not two but THREE storage areas in my room for my shoes and thrifting is my favorite hobby. But I still aspire to have a Carrie Bradshaw closet one day — that is big enough for several decades worth of clothes, tons of shoes and of course, accessories!

She also has her girlfriends by her side. Now, I got mine don’t you fret! Unfortunately, they aren’t in DC with me but they’re still with me! Nothing beats hour long phone conversations, laughter via skype or over text messages and the adventures that we plan and have together. That’s the one thing that’s different about me and Carrie — my go-to girlfriends are in multiple cities and I’m ok with that!

Well, there you have…my realization that I’m living a sex and the city kind of life and I like it! I’m a young, single journalist and fashionista who has her girlfriends by her side (just in different locations) and is looking to enjoy her life in a new city (not the big apple but the big…Capitol? yeah, we’ll go with that!)

So today as I get ready to enjoy one of the last days of gorgeous weather in DC in January and walked to the metro while heading to a flee market in Eastern Market I thought what an interesting coincidence!

Until next time,


P.S. This is also my 150th post — wow I’ve come so far! Who would have thought! Thanks for the support yall!


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