Operation — Home Improvement

Today was my last day off after a four day weekend — which was quite lovely and much needed — and I decided to commence “Operation: Home Improvement.” Basically, finally decided to get some decorating done plus frame a few of my posters.

But what’s great about this is, my room is starting to come together AND it looks like I actually live here. Now that is a plus.

Now, my bookshelf which has been up for several weeks now (and was assembled by yours truly!) looks really put together with pictures and even a few books!  (I know amazing right! It may not be many but I’m still working on my literary library). And I’ve added a few more touches to the room that are really making it feel a little bit more like home.

But let me stop describing and just show you! You know I like pictures so check it out — this is my room decorating progress thus far. So far, so good in my opinion:

This is my bookshelf and one of the corners in my room — It’s decorated, it’s coordinated, it’s all ME! 🙂

Check out the coordination on this side of my room — no theme but Carolina is represented a few times. And yes, oddly enough, my TV has the Carolina game on as well.

I also printed out million pictures today to start putting them in frames and adding them to my photo album so I can go back and relive the memories!

I printed out a bunch of pictures and this is what I had to show for it..lots of different memories spread across my bed.

But despite how much or how little decorating I do when I do it, each day my room is starting to feel more like home. It’s nice to finally have my mirror hanging up, it feels good looking at my Carolina calendar, I love turning to my bookshelf and seeing my all my old badges from past internships and random odds and ends that I’ve collected and hold sentimental value.

Yes, it’s true when “they” say that you really don’t feel at home until you hang some pictures up because now I’m feeling that way.

Until next time,



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