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Some people say their friends are doing amazing things, some say that they aren’t. I’m happy that I can say, not only are my friends DOING amazing, they are SUCCEEDING at it too.

Fashion — it’s one of the things that brought me to two of many close friends at UNC — Perrine DeShield and Josh Jenkins! Both of them were fellow models in cONcEpt of Colors Modeling Troupe with me and over the years, they’ve become my fashion allies, life consultants and friends for a lifetime.

Jenkins and Garriss!

DeShield and Garriss

Recently these two fashionable and fabulous friends decided to take their passion and turn it into a reality. But why have me explain it when they can do it for you! So please enjoy this feature blog by none other than DeShield and Jenkins!

A Fashion Impact — Am I Fashion?

It started as an epiphany. Two besties, chatting in a fabulously bougy apartment about fashion nothings.

The two besties — Jenkins and DeShield

But THAT Sunday evening, two besties decided to take a chance, be overly ambitious and make an impact.

It was then and there when a conversation about putting on another fashion show with Joshua Jenkins, post graduation and post cONcEpt of Colors Modeling Troupe, was given a deep gasp (we literally gasped with surprise, squealed with excitement and screamed in high pitch joy) for air and was birthed.

The concept (possible pun intended) was simple. Host a fashion  show to reveal that North Carolinians do indeed have style; create a non-profit organization that can help youth in need by utilizing our own skills and passions; and simply work alongside your best friend, while bringing out the best in them.

Me (DeShield) as a journalist/eclectic stylist and Josh as a media maven/individualism specialist—living in the same town once again simply meant a recipe for joint success and true destiny.

With a title as bold as iAMfashion (intentionally with no spaces, because there is no pause necessary! Plus we just liked how it looked) Josh and I made a promise to ourselves to follow through and follow our hearts. We were determined to show others that regardless of their style, random or outrageous, simple or toned down, that they, too, are fashion.

So many people underestimate the impact of their clothing. So much expression, confidence and personality can be exuded by what you wear and how you wear it. Because of that concept, we knew that creating this non-profit and packaging individual outfits then giving to youth in need—not only would we gain personal satisfaction and gratitude but we would also share a hint of what positive reinforcement can come from a well-put outfit.

All I’ve ever wanted is to change the world. Impact it positively with my gifts given from God, while doing what I love. I’ve learned a lot over these 23 years of living and if the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill taught me anything, it taught me to embrace diversity whole-heartedly and share my passions with others.

Two of my FAVORITE 2010 graduates!

As cheesy as it may sound, you ARE fashion. So come show off with us on February 4th and celebrate.

Saturday, February 4, 2012 — this is where you want to be!

And that’s how it happened — how two of my friends decided to change the world…well, not the world yet but at least North Carolina. I’m hoping I can get to NC for this inaugural event since I am on the board (you already know, I couldn’t stay away from something like this) but even if I can’t get there, YOU SHOULD.

Fierce is what we DO, not what we try to do! lol Love these two with all my heart — they’ve both seen me at my best and my worst and I’m glad I can all them friends! Jenkins, Garriss and DeShield

If you are anywhere in North Carolina the weekend of February 4th, you have NO excuse no to try to attend the iAMfashion runway show! Tickets can be purchased here and the event will be at Greensboro Cultural Center. 

Until next time,



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