Sharing the wealth in the blogging world!

Recently I’ve had the pleasure to share my thoughts and passions in the form of guest blogging!

I had my first feature appearance with my bestie and PIC (partner in crime), Perrine and her blog — The Chic Pro2Type — about thrifty outfits for a date night!

Then I had my first real blog feature as a contributor for Roland Martin’s website that was dedicated to the MLK Memorial Ceremony coverage. Plus it was my first piece as a freelance journalist!

And most recently, I was featured on a blog coordinated by a few friends of mine who are known as the Confabulous Five where I posted a little something about thrifting as well — you notice I’m becoming a critically acclaimed thrifting expert lol!

But with all these features, I felt the need to return the favor — plus I wanted to! It’s an honor to have someone approach you to contribute to their blog and I wanted to do the same.

So during the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring a few guest bloggers who will provide you all with some diverse, interesting and thought provoking material! Plus it’s a way for me to brag about my friends and how awesome they are at what they do or represent — yeah, I said brag but when your friends are as talented as mine, bragging is in order!

So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Until next time,



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