The story behind the nickname…

When I got my nickname more than five years ago, I had no idea it would follow me from high school to college and maybe even beyond.

That’s right, today, I share with you the story behind the nickname…KG!

Back in my high school days, I played soccer for Southeast Raleigh and at the time, there were several girls with names that sounded alike…Kirstin, Kristen, Katherine, Kathleen, etc. And for my high school soccer coach, that was a lot of names to handle especially since they all kind of sounded the same.

So a few of my teammates and I thought about it and we tried to think of a nickname for me…we thought calling me “Garriss” was just too masculine — I mean, that’s something guys would do. Then we thought, hmm…maybe “KC” since my middle name started with a ‘C’ but even then that didn’t sound quite right. And then, someone said, we should my initials, “KG” and there it was the birth of my nickname.

Now I never thought I’d take this nickname anywhere beyond the soccer field but who would have thought that more than five years later, those two letters would be a nickname that has stuck with me.

I remember when I got to UNC, I was still Kirstin but by the end of my freshman year, I had some people calling me “KG” and the nickname just stuck. It’s funny to think that some people probably don’t even know my name is Kirstin, they just know me as KG, which is fine, it’s just very interesting how that happened!

But now as a young professional, I’ve been trying to go back to being known by Kirstin only but it’s definitely noticeable to see how people know me — if they meet me/know me from high school than they will automatically say Kirstin but if they meet/knew me from college (especially my last two years) than they definitely know me as KG. So we’ll see which name prevails so to speak but either way, I am who I am regardless of whether you call me KG or Kirstin.

Until next time,

Kirstin “KG” Garriss 🙂


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