From NC to DC and back iAMfashion is there!

A few days ago, I profiled two of my friends, Perrine and Josh, and their first steps to becoming game changers in our society. Yes, I just said that! Because it’s so true – founding a non-profit just two years after you graduate college is a huge step and I’m excited for their first major event, iAMfashion. Now based on my last post, you might think, oh this is just a fashion show, BUT it’s more than that.

It’s a fashion show, clothing drive AND a vintage/thrift shopping experience.

This event will give you a chance to see personal style in the fashion, help you donate personal style with the clothing drive and then you can buy clothes from a variety of vendors to help develop and evolve your own personal style.

Don’t you see how personal style just flows so well with this thing! But you may be wondering where are these vendors coming from and what kind of personal style they may bring. Well, never fear, I’ve asked my PIC, Perrine, to give me a preview of what attendees will get to see and what kind of fashion finds you could grab by attending this event.

Personal Style from NC to DC and Back

“When it came time to brain-storming and researching designers and vendors for our event, I didn’t have to look very far. I’ve known Jamie Patterson for years. He’s the mastermind behind Subject 2 Change Custom Apparel and I recently joined the company as Production Assistant. Jamie has always been innovative and very out-the-box so I knew that this fashion show would be a great way to broaden his fan base and push his creativity. He was one of the first people I told about iAMfashion and Subject 2 Change has been fully supportive every step of the way. You never seen a graphic t-shirt look SO fly.

Subject 2 Change

Keeping it in the family seemed ever so fitting. For about a year now, I’ve been yapping about putting on a fashion show to my family and friends. So when my cousin Emmansee Freeman–a fashion designer from New Jersey–moved to North Carolina, I saw  a perfect opportunity for her to network. Emmansee’s style is so classic, chic and couture and I’ve always wanted her to realize her greatness and true potential as a designer. From designing wedding gowns to prom dresses and evening wear, we knew without a doubt that she could bring the sophisticated edge needed for iAMfashion.

It was a complete no brainer to bring the heat to NC from DC. We’ve been following Mila and Fire Vintage ever since the beginning and reuniting with our fellow cONcEpt of Colors alum, Kelcie Glass (Co-Founder) made things pleasantly easy and exciting. No one does fabulous, unique vintage clothing like these 2 ladies. Each and every one of their pieces will blow you away and leave you wondering, ‘Where in the world do they find these things?’ Not only will Mila and Fire bring the sass and the sex, but they’ll also add a funky flare to the runway.

The lovely ladies of Mila & Fire Vintage — stay tuned for a feature about them on this blog too!

Maria Glass is the pure definition of hard-working. This El Salvador native and single mother has been hand stitching and designing since her early childhood. With an eclectic taste and specialties ranging everywhere from home decor to athletic wear, Maria has the versatility of making you look trendy and edgy in a pair of unique leggings for a date, while decorating your bedroom, and finally prepping you to look fabulous for the US Open.

You go to high school, you graduate and there are some people you forget. But when it comes to friends Calvin Cleveleand, Ahmed Toure and Tecomseh Cleveland, losing a memory would be nearly impossible. These 3 guys are only half of the men behind Figure of Speech, a unique apparel and accessory company that promotes the dreamer and celebrates the individual. We’re excited to have these guys bring some swag as vendors at iAMfashion.

They’ll be at iAMfashion too — check out their style!

We’re SO excited and feel so blessed to be able to help our friends, family and loved ones push their dream as we realize our own.”

— DeShield

Again the iAMfashion will be Saturday, February 4, 2012 and you can get your tickets here! I’m thoroughly excited to see how this event will turn out even if I’m not there!

But I will be doing my best to make a difference from a far by stopping by my favorite thrift stores here in the DMV and picking up some clothes to send to them plus I’ll be asking friends and family up here to give me donations for the cause.

See even from a far you can still make an impact – so if you can’t go, email iAMfashion and see where you can send some clothes or a monetary donation for the cause!

Until next time,



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