The last name tango…cue music, please!

One of the days that a girl dreams about is the day she marries Mr. Right! Even before the ring, you think about the kind of dress you might like, the color for the ceremony, who might be your bridesmaids and where you want to go for the honeymoon.

But one thing that we don’t always think about is the last name tango. Never heard of it? Well, I’m not surprised since I just made it up lol but the concept is very common.

It’s traditional for women to cover their husband’s last name when they get married and usually that works. But I’m one of those progressive, I am female, hear me roar, independent type gals who are building their reputation for the future as we speak!

So after years of building a name for myself with MY NAME, I hate to say it but I don’t know if I want to give it up for my husband. Yes, I know I will love him and it’ll be for better or for worse but do I need your last name too? What if people only know me by my maiden name? On the job, in the market, in business, I’m known by this name, I’m success by this name, shoot, I am that NAME!

These are the random things I think about as an aspiring female journalist — not the only thing, but one of those things. I know that I’m driven and that I want to be a success journalist — a TV journalist — on camera, TV journalist. And with this mindset, this current path, my name is part of my selling package. I am Kirstin Garriss reporting from wherever for a news organization — my name is apart of my brand, my name is apart of who makes me a journalist! I hope that one day, my name is what people hear and relate to a name that they know and trust.

That’s why I think I’ll be keeping my name…at least professionally. I know I want to attempt to keep with some traditional aspects of the American dream like a house, kids and maybe a dog and taking on my husband’s last name. But only for family and personal reasons — if I’m in my professional setting or working, I’ll definitely be Kirstin Garriss — there’s no doubt about it! Plus that’s the name that I have and that’s the name that people will and associate with my journalism career!

Until next time (and for years to come),

Kirstin Garriss 🙂


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