Our Communities, Our Schools

Education is a hot topic right now in our country because people are constantly worried about how America measures up as a nation to other nations. America has an obsession with being perceived as the top dog, number one nation in everything, but the fact is that in education we are not the number one nation – but as a nation, we have to decide what this means.

Even further, as a nation we have to take ownership of our education system with its wonderful teachers and not so great teachers, high achieving districts and low achieving districts.  Schools are in our communities, they affect our children, our cousins, nieces and nephews, Godchildren, and adopted children.  We live in these communities, and we have control over their progress and achievement.

So the 2012 challenge is to act now. Take ownership of the education system that we have and make your contribution instead of your criticism to this system.

Volunteer at a local school once a week, or once a month.

Read to kindergarteners, reach out to a school to offer a field trip or talk with a group of kids about your career path and how they can do what you do one day.

Talk with students about how they can apply to college or offer to help a group of students apply for college. Sponsor a teacher by donating school supplies for his or her classroom.

Offer community service at your nonprofit to a group of school age kids.

There’s so much that you can do for your local school, and your help would be greatly appreciated. The challenge isn’t our competition with countries overseas, the challenge is for us to uplift our schools and set our own standards of achievement and progress.

— The Auspicious Dreamer


***These views and opinions are of those of the guest blogger, the Auspicious Dreamer.


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