I want to be “BLACKLISTED”

A few weekends ago, one of my friends from high school, Bri, came to visit me here in DC. And we tried to make the most of our weekend since it snowed on Friday into Saturday morning and the temperatures were in the freezing or lower.

But despite the cold and snow covered grounds, we did some sightseeing. On Saturday afternoon, we went to the National Portrait Gallery and saw the exhibit called, “The Blacklist.”

The exhibit was a photography collection by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders of successful and inspirational African Americans in our society in every way from entertainment, politics, sports, literature, music, and more.

And let me just tell ya’ll this collection really impressed me. It wasn’t just a bunch of photos of famous people that we all know because they’re on TV every other week, it featured names and faces I didn’t know and it was really inspiring! It was a great feeling to read the bios of people who had been changing and impacting our society and then to see their face and realize that even though they weren’t in the spotlight famous, they were still very important figures in our society.

Big names like Whoopi Goldberg, Rev. Al Sharpton, Hill Harper, Toni Morrison and Angela Davis were there but then so were names like Majora Carter, an environmental activist; Marc Morial, the first African-American mayor of New Orleans; Louis Gossett Jr., a Broadway actor were all there. They were blacklisted.

Learning more about the names and faces that I already knew was enlightening because I appreciated what they had done and where they came from even more. But the really inspiring part for me was being introduced to some of these advocates, activists, athletes, musicians and more who I didn’t know or knew little about. Their accomplishments inspired me, inspired me to want to be on the next edition of The Blacklist.

It’s not very often when I visit a museum or check out an exhibit and I feel empowered after I leave but this particular weekend, I felt really empowered to continue working hard for my dreams and aspirations — not to say that if I hadn’t seen this exhibit that I wouldn’t feel this way but it was more of a confirmation that I have to strive for continued success because they same way I was inspired by their stories, I want others to be inspired by me.

So I’m working to make the next edition of The Blacklist.

What about you, do you want to make the list?

Until next time,



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