Hall of Fame? don’t mind if I do…

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to walk down the red carpet, mix and mingle with some of the best in the field and get dressed up for the night.

It was the NABJ Hall of Fame Ceremony.

And it was quite an experience.

In the morning, there was a round table discussion that featured all the hall of fame inductees and it was a great chance to hear some candid stories and real advice from them. I happened to be off that day so I figured I had to take advantage of this opportunity.  And that was probably one of the best things I could have done!

There they are — all the NABJ Hall of Fame inductees for 2012 at the round table discussion.

Not only did I get a chance to talk one-on-one with three of the hall of famers (Pat Harvey, Michael Fields and Dr. Ruth Ollison), but I also networking with local DC journalists who worked with ABC and WAMU! Now talk about connections right!

But that night was such a classy event. The Newseum which is already a very cool museum was transformed into this beautiful and elegant arena that was filled with the best and brightest in my field and it was so cool! (I mean, it really was cool).

The awards! Super legit, right?

It was also nice to see all these hardworking journalists take a load off, let their hair down and just relax. Everyone looked gorgeous and so well put together and it felt like I was at the Red Carpet/Oscars for black journalists.

Posing with one of fellow journalists, Mike Feeney with the NY Daily News — all dressed up for the hall of fame event!

And here’s a close up! What do you think? My fashion inspiration for the night was Billie Holiday!

Now you see why this was so cool?

But here’s the icing on the cake. When we were ushered into this huge auditorium for the award ceremony and there in the audience were members of the original Tuskegee Airmen. Right there from the auditorium…some of the real Red Tails and it was an honor be in their presence. And I’m so glad NABJ honored them that night for all that they did for us and the road they paved for black military men today!

And yes, it’s a little blurry but those are all the inductees during the actual award ceremony.

The night ended with mixing and mingling and it was really good to talk with other professional journalists and even students.

The whole day was really a good day and it was so inspiring to hear from all the inductees that morning and then to see all the support they received that night from family, friends and fellow journalists.

It also made me push to be in that same position in the future.

Until next time,


P.S. Everyone who I met and emailed has mostly gotten back to me and that is definitely a good sign! Gotta love connections and networking.


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