We did it, we really did it!

Last weekend I got to take my first trip back to North Carolina since I moved to DC for the new job. And it was a combination of going home for personal related stuff but also to go back home to support something big…the launch of my best friends’ non-profit iAMfashion!

Screenshot of the Daily Tar Heel story that featured a preview of the iAMfashion event!

On the Saturday night at the Greensboro Culture Center more than 130 people came to support two of my best friends, Perrine and Josh, with their inaugural event — the iAMfashion runway show. It was a night full of fashion with the runway show, vendor showcase and clothing drive. And I was just so happy that I was able to come down from the DMV to support them as their publicity chair and one of the hosts for the runway show!

The cake!

It was also nice just to get break from the hustle and bustle of the DC lifestyle and be back in the South with my friends and family! Especially the ones who were involved with the iAMfashion show — whether it was Perrine and Josh, my fellow co-host Treye or anyone who came to support the event, it was so good to see them and talk with them about my post grad life in DC.

Candid shots of attendees check out our vendors.

The cutest check in table ever!

And then the event itself was so much fun! The couture hour was just lovely with food and mingling with the vendors and attendees but the runway show…now that was EPIC! It was a legit runway event — not that I expected anything less but I was just so impressive with how professional it looked and how it flowed so well. Plus the hosts weren’t too bad either (wink, wink, hint, hint :D)

The lovely hosts for the event! This is just the start of our hosting gigs, first iAMfashion, next the Grammys? ok maybe too much too soon! 🙂

But the runway show was a combination of models wearing clothes from the vendors and designers who were there for the event, raffle giveaways and then spotlight moments on vendors who were also there too. Plus as a co-hosts, we through in our charm, jokes, humor and of course, fashion knowledge for the folks!

And last but not least, we got amazing support with the clothing drive! It was so good to see how much people donated for those in need and I know a lot of people will be helped from these donations.

Overall, it was an incredible night and I’m so glad I was able to be apart of the effort and it was an honor to be the host for this kind of event.

This was also the kind of event that it hit you later now that night or the next day, that they really did it, they really pulled it off. I know at dinner that night after the show, both Josh and Perrine kept saying that they really did it, they really just put together a successful event.

The whole gang — co-founders and co-hosts — after a really amazing event with amazing support from the community!

And, as a friend, supporter, board member, I know this is just the beginning for iAMfashion and for Josh and Perrine and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes them and even me!

Until next time,



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