chocolate overdose, over commericalized and completely extra…

Every year, we are bombarded with ads and commercial talking about buying this or that for your loved one or lover. Chocolate goes on sale everywhere. Flowers and roses are at every corner. And you can’t even turn on the TV without catching the beginning, middle or end of a romantic comedy or at least The Notebook.

Yep, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Now don’t get me right, this is NOT some cynical blow to this semi national, non-day off holiday but it is a dig to how we over commercial and over react to a holiday that really isn’t a holiday.

I mean if I’m in a relationship, every day potentially could be Valentine’s Day. One shouldn’t have to wait until one particular day of the year to profess their love and happiness for someone.

But on the flip side, it is nice to have one day of the year where you expect a few more things — you can expect a nice dinner, some flowers, your favorite chocolate or even the confirmation that the one that you do love (or are in deep “like” for) actually does care.

So why am I spouting off at the mouth about something like this….well…it’s simple. Like anything else I’ve done this year, I’m taking a new approach on things…..I’m trying to think differently and this is one of those moments.

After celebrating Valentine’s Day in various ways as a girlfriend, a date, being single, as a student and now, as a young professional, I’ve learned there’s one thing that continues to be the same…each year, we all allow ourselves to be somewhat vulnerable on this day. Let’s face it, we usually have expectations for how this particular day should go but not how it actually pans out. And there are always haters and lovers for day (no pun-intended) and sometimes it drives us to do things we normally won’t do.

For example, if we are dating somebody, we want to make sure the day is perfect — dinner reservations, great outfit, evening plans, blah, blah, blah, you get what I mean. If we’re single, we either want to be with comfort of friends or on a date with hopes of at least a firework or two. And if we’re single with no date and/or no plans, then it’s almost a given that at least a pint of ice cream will be consumed that night.

But regardless of relationship status, this year I’m taking a different approach to this day, Valentine’s Day is just February 14th….it’s just a day BUT I shall enjoy it. It happens to be my day off and I don’t plan on spending it watching love movies on TV or indulging in a pint of ice cream, I plan on living it like any other day.

And that’s what we all should do, we should treat February 14th like we treat June 3rd or September 16th or even November 22nd  — it’s just another day that we should be living. We shouldn’t be upset or annoyed that we don’t have a date or plans or that we’re not in a relationship, it’s about YOU! Valentine’s Day is about loving YOU. So do it. Love YOURself, pamper YOURself, and say “Hey, ME. I’m awesome, amazing and pretty darn great!” — Yes, have plans, make reservations, have the perfect outfit but remember it’s about you and your happiness. And, I think that’s how we should be 365 — every day should be our day.

But today as you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your own way, shape or form, just remember be happy with yourself too. I still expect you to have your plans, dinner reservations and expectation for a fabulous day/evening….all I ask is that you remember it’s just one day…some random day in February and it’s not a day that we should freak out if everything doesn’t work out just right, we shouldn’t be annoyed or upset if we’re not following the norm, just be you, enjoy your day and be happy with yourself!

With that, peace and love folks.

Until next time,


P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂 Hearts and kisses to all!


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