Today, I introduce you to my Mini Me — Nunera :)

This past fall, I had to pleasure of meeting a young lady who has a lot of spunk, spirit and ambition. When I met her, I didn’t think I would leave an impact on her but I also didn’t think she would leave an impact on me.

She’s my mini me. The Talk of the Nation intern from fall 2011. Miss Nunera!

We only worked together for a few weeks but it was very rewarding to intern for a show and then help train and then work with the show’s next intern. It was weird at first teaching my duties to the next generation of intern but it was also good for me to see how far I had come.

While I was tempting with TOTN, Nunera and I got to know each other and we learned from each other — I told her about my intern/work experiences from UNC and she told me about her’s from Bethune-Cookman. And being that I was a year older than her, I gave her some helpful advice here and there because my motto is always help someone out because in this journalism business, very few people get to where they are without some help.

Posting with my TOTN loves — Nunera and Priska — Priska taught me all the TOTN ways and I taught them to Nunera! Gotta love progression.

And unlike some situations after I stopped tempting with TOTN, my contact with Nunera didn’t end. She still called me and I gladly helped her out when she needed it. And we supported each other — she helped me celebrate my 23rd birthday in DC and even went shopping with me when it was time to visit IKEA for the first time! We also became each others cheerleaders — she was cheering for me when I interviewed and got my job with NBC and I’ve been cheering for her too.

This is how she became my mini me because she reminded me so much of myself but she still taught me a few things. Recently, she’s had interview after interview with no success and she’s currently back home being fun-employed like I was. But the thing is I’m not worried about her. She told me she didn’t get an internship that she really wanted for this spring but instead of breaking down and getting upset, she said she was fine, ready to pursue the next big thing and she wasn’t going to let that one road block get in the way, she wasn’t going to give up just yet.  She has tons of perseverance, experience and love for life in her so I know she’ll be just fine and she’s proving that to be so true!

So today, I wanted to give her a shout out because now she’s started her own blog and she’s sharing her story with the world. I know it may sound corny but blogging can really be a good release and it’s amazing to see how many people sometimes feel the same way you do about things but they didn’t know how to put it into words…until you did!

So go check out her blog HERE and continue to follow her journey — watch out she’s going to be one to follow!

Until next time,



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