Taking your passions and running with it — the story of Mila & Fire!

It’s not often when you hear people (especially young people) taking their passions and truly running with them. Well, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few people who are doing just that.
A few weeks ago, I told you guys about two of my friends who started their own non-profit and just had a successful inaugural event in Greensboro. Well, this next group is doing something very similar — the storyline is almost the same with two best friends taking a concept and turning it into a reality. But instead of a non-profits, these two fashionistas have started their own vintage clothing line. Yep, you heard me right! College grads turned vintage fashion hunters and this is not your average 9 to 5, this is what they do 24/7 and they do it well!
But I’m not going to attempt to tell their story, that’s why I have asked the women behind Mila & Fire Vintage to share their journey with you!
Enjoy this guest blog by the one and only, Mila and Fire!
Bringing individualism and style to life
  The story of Mila and Fire
We are long-time best friends that decided to move towards our entrepreneurial goals after we graduated from college. Mila attended VCU, where she majored in French and fashion-merchandising. Fire attended UNC, Chapel Hill where she majored in Journalism with a focus in Public Relations.
The ladies behind Mila and Fire Vintage!
Mila & Fire as an online clothing boutique grew organically from our education, previous experience in the field of fashion, and our entrepreneurial dreams. 
Like what you see? These models are rocking pieces from Mila and Fire Vintage.
We have always had a keen eye for fashion and have had experience doing personal shopping and styling for shoots. We absolutely love what we do, and wake up daily excited for what is to come.
One of our biggest obstacles as young entrepreneurs has been making the decision to dedicate all of our time to a growing business. We have previously had full-time jobs, but felt that we were not seeing our business (our passion) grow because of the limited time we could allot to it.
More cool looks — both contemporary and vintage – from Mila and Fire.
Since the launch of our company, we have received amazing support and love from our peers. They kind words we receive daily keep us motivated and let’s us know we are doing something right.
In the future, we see Mila & Fire growing. We are definitely focusing a little more on our new contemporary pieces that come in S,M, & L.
We are also moving into our new showroom this year and prepping for a store opening in the future *fingers crossed*.
If you would like to either shop with us, or learn a little more about upcoming events, then follow us on twitter as we travel throughout the DMV and even up and down the east coast!
~ Mila & Fire
Fierce, I tell you, fierceee!!

Well, there you have it, the story of Mila and Fire by Mila and Fire — the story behind two women who are taking what they love to do and have a real passion for and just doing it. No, it’s not easy or fun 24/7 but I’ve already seen how much successful they’ve had and I know they’ll just keeping better and bigger in the future and that makes it all worth it!

Until next time,


****All photos courtesy of Mila and Fire Vintage.


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